Disclaimer and Other Information

Welcome to God First Book website. Thank you for your interest in God First Book, which is being released in small volume form. This website, for God First Book, will be the place to visit for all information relevant to God First Book and the subsequent volumes. God First: Volume I is currently available for free viewing on desktop computers and smartphones, and EPUB download for phones and tablets through online retailers. At this time Volume I is being offered for free because we believe that God provides. He gives us beauty and inspiration for free, and we would not hold this back from His children who may be able to benefit from this humble work.
Because of the necessity to keep the integrity of all elements of photography and writing, no one could offer a practical or economical printing solution. Therefore, if you are interested in a printed version of this book, we regret that it is not feasible at this time. The options we have researched, so far, do not keep the formatting of our completed work, and we feel that the formatting brings the elements of the work together. If our research leads us to a different conclusion, we will communicate that right away.
God First: Volume II is available as a free epub download at most major retailers, including iTunes, Barnes and Noble, and KOBO. We are working on the flash based version of Volume II and III for the desktop (full experience), to continue where the first volume ends.

God First: Volume III is now released as of April 11th. It is available for download through iTunes, Barnes & Noble and Kobo. It is also available through Tolino for international distribution.
God First: Volume IV is in pre-production, and we'll keep this site posted on the progress, and we'll update with a projected release date and cover image at that time.

Thank you to everyone who has visited this humble site, and was inspired to download the free volumes. Thank you to everyone who has helped our efforts to keep God First Book free, by making a donation or by purchasing Guardian Angels at Table 7. We are currently compiling a list of three Stories in Rhyme, that were previously released for purchase. We are planning on giving them away as a bonus for anyone who makes a donation, or you can buy the compiled volumes via select retailers. The release date for the Stories In Rhyme is to be announced. Please keep us in your prayers, as our prayers and focus at this time is that God First: Volume III stays on schedule.
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God First Book (all Volumes) remain the intellectual property of Ann Moore and Stephanie Moore. No permissions are granted or implied. No ownership of intellectual property is being transferred or given away.